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 About the Project



See, from the mouths of feminists themselves,
what feminism really means.

Facing Feminism is a project that's been growing for over a decade, has participants from around the globe, and aims to destigmatize feminism by inviting self-proclaimed feminists to, in their own words, describe what 'feminism' means to them.

This project has been mentioned in MS. MAGAZINE, listed with the Rutgers University Feminist Art Project, and sponsored by Empowerment4Women. Poets, writers, artists, Members of Parliament and pop stars have all shared their voices (pop star Lisa Loeb, Iceland’s MP Birgitta Jonsdottir, BET TV’s Abiola Abrams, United Nation’s Poetry Ambassador Larry Jaffe, to name a few). The voices keep swelling and the image that emerges is truly diverse.

“These feminists have in common the desire to be perceived for who they are on an equal footing and not through the distorting lens of cliché. Feminism is not monolithic – and this recording of the many faces that feminism can and does have, its many voices, is monumentally moving. You’ll meet feminists who will make you laugh, inspire you, defy you, prick you to disagreement even, but who all share the common advocacy of equality.”
A.M. Smith
, founder and curator
“Really, though. Like, seriously. If you haven't already begun scrolling through the submissions, what are you waiting for?"
SG, co-curator and team caffeinator
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